We launched in 2020 and have been your sustainable fashion bestie ever since.

We make eco fashion accessible and fun as we are absolute suckers for cute clothing, but not for the price of harming the planet or people who manufacture them. 

As we grow we'll be here to provide you with all of your favourite clothing, including but not limited to underwear, activewear, pyjamas, t-shirts and leggings.


We are more than just a brand – we are here to airbrush the fast fashion industry; fusing its colours, affordability and inclusivity, with the sustainable and high quality resources and practices available. Why? Because we believe that safe working environments, and a healthy planet should be the bare minimum of fashion. 

Speaking of Airbrushing, we refuse to retouch our models. We think skin is far more beautiful left natural, and although airbrushing skin is standard practice in the fashion industry, it is a process that can be harmful to both the model and those who see the photographs, making them believe that this is the ideal. We aim to inspire confidence in our girl gang when it comes to how they dress and present themselves to the world; a movement towards sustainability, body positivity, equality and all round loving yourself. 


Do you ever feel like you've got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? That's on purpose.


Fast fashion brands churn out huge quantities of low quality clothing on a weekly, and sometimes daily basis; a strategy designed to make customers feel like the clothes they just bought are already off-trend.


This comes at a price with the clothing industry causing one trash truck's worth of textiles to be burnt or sent to landfill every second. This is because fashion items have  – effectively – become another type of single-use product, with each person buying an estimated 26.7kg of clothing every year in the UK alone.


Even less favourably, is the rise of greenwashing- where brands deceptively adopt marketing techniques that suggest their practices, products or services are environmentally friendly. One of the most common forms of greenwashing occurs when such brands make a big fuss about their eco-friendly capsule collections, when the vast majority of their practice remains unsustainable. 

Although we've kept all the best bits of fast fashion, we've ditched these nasty bits with all of our clothing designed to last, and ethically made in the heart of London.


To begin, the debut collection was the Airbrushed upcycled bralette set, made from ocean plastic waste, luxuriously designed, yet affordably priced. Not only are they intensely stretchy and soft, they are available in an array of ten colours from beige to hot pink; to expand upon the standard colour palette often found in the sustainable fashion industry. As we said before, we want to make sustainable fashion the norm, and colour is a huge part of this. In contrast to the sustainable fashion industry, its fast fashion cousin is flooded with alluring colours. Of course, the chosen ECONYL® fabric is Oeko-Tex certified which ensures that there are no hazardous chemicals used in dyeing the fabric. 


The choice of intimates stemmed from considerable market research around consumers love for, yet unsatisfactory experience of bralette sets.

If you haven’t already jumped on the hype yet, they forgo the thick padding, wires and structure of your usual bra in favour of relaxed, unlined styles that are as pretty as they are comfy. Whether looking for something supportive or sexy, look to bralettes for the most versatile piece in your lingerie drawer.

A lot of bralettes hold the reputation of suiting only those requiring less support but, although that can be true in a lot of cases, the Airbrushed Intimates bralette has been designed with a soft and stretchy feel, wide elastic support, adjustable straps and three hook closure, to feel like its been made just for you. Currently available up to a UK 20, and counting.

"Next time you're feeling bummed or want to be extra persuasive, be smart about what color you're pulling out of your closet. Yellow, orange, or other vibrant warm shades are good if you want to feel happier. Blue and blue-greens are smart for fighting stress. Red "is the obvious choice, but pink is more subtle" if you're heading out on a date or have seduction on the brain. A red-purple works too. Dark green, navy, charcoal, aubergine, or chocolate brown are all good color options to command power, whether at a work meeting or trying to convince someone to see your side of the story."


- Glamour -

end of life?

Brits send a nausea-inducing 350,000 tones of clothes to landfill every year, our fashion waste problem is an epidemic that we should not ignore.

Simply let us know, pop them into the post (we'll pay for this!) and we will upcycle, donate or recycle it for you to ensure that none of our products ever end up in landfill.  

Our first point of action is to try and rejuvenate the product ourselves, and then upcycle it for donation so that it can be enjoyed again! If this is not possible for any reason, we will recycle it with local recycle centres.

As a thank you for returning, we'd also love to offer you 15% off your next purchase with us! 


Here at Airbrushed, we think that partnerships should go beyond fundraising. It is not just about financial support, but also making a social difference. We all know how much awareness matters, and raising the profile and awareness of charities can gain them new supporters and help their cause long term. Thats why we will always tailer our charity partnerships to the collections being released.

On that note, as our debut collection was made from Econyl (Upcycled ocean waste!), we partnered up with one of the worlds leading ocean cleanup charities, the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup, whose aim is to keep the oceans clean, protect marine wildlife, provide free educational resources and support the development of innovative technologies. Why? Because by 2050 there is predicted to be more plastic in the sea than fish.


Thankfully, for every new follower, the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup removed 1kg of plastic from the sea, and thus  Airbrushed donated £1 for every person who shared a picture of their new upcycled sets to help them directly and raise awareness of the issue.

With our second collection launch made up of organic cotton pieces, we have decided to partner with One Tree Planted, to plant a tree for every purchase made. From planting 50,000 trees in 2015, to more trees than ever before at 4 million in 2019, One Tree Planted is here for Global Reforestation, and we're here to support them.