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First of all, thank you for clicking this link because that means you care, and thats amazing because showing an interest in sustainability is the first step to helping our planet.


Sustainability is far more than fabrics, it's a culture, and one that Airbrushed™ is founded on. To be sustainable requires the dedication towards all things environmental; including research, design, production, packaging, marketing and charitable support. All of which brands should be transparent about, because everyone should have the right to know who made their clothes. 


Airbrushed™ is committed to sharing our sustainable journey with you; all of which can be found below.


More specifically, our manufacturing is at Fashion Consultancy London; who take ethical and sustainable manufacturing seriously and work with us every step of the way to source sustainably, reduce waste and reduce on transportation. 


With a key part of sustainability being the longevity of clothing, we are proud to design and manufacture all of our clothing in Britain, within the heart of London.


British design & manufacturing has many benefits:

1. Quality: as the most sustainable option is to wear your clothing, a lot.

2. Carbon Footprint: Minimise pollution from shipping clothing abroad.

3. Human Rights: Keeping production close by allows face-to-face communication to ensure all workers are happy and treated fairly.​




We are directly involved with our suppliers and communicate with them on a regular basis through factory visits, phone calls and emails. We aim to have our entire supply chain in Europe to reduce our travel footprint.

The debut collection is made from Econyl, a soft, stretchy and recycled fabric sourced from Aquafil based in Arco, Italy. For more information on why we chose this particular fabrics click here

The second collection, released just before the close of 2020, is made from Organic cotton (95% Organic Cotton, 5% Elastane) sourced from Germany. Our cotton is certified by GOTS (License number BCS 26126), and to the Oeko-Tex Standard 100. Other trims may include bra clasps or adjusters, which were sourced from family-run Contour Stretch Fabrics based in Nottingham, UK. 

Please note: The entire product range is, and always will be vegan. 


As well as being a solution on waste, compared to purchasing conventional Nylon, your Airbrushed upcycled sets have:

REDUCED the global warming impact of nylon by up to 80% compared to the material from oil.

SAVED 70,000 Barrels of crude oil per 10,000 tons produced.

AVOIDED 57,100 tonnes of CO2 emissions per 10,000 tons produced.

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Made from 90% recycled materials and completely recyclable, our paper pulp mailer boxes are plastic-free yet designed to be rigid and safe for sending intimates straight to your door. 

Not only is it essential for eco-friendly packaging to be made from sustainable materials, it is vital that they are fit-for-purpose. We see too many cases of sustainable products being delivered in huge excessive boxes that in turn contribute to unnecessary waste. To avoid this, we will always source the smallest possible box to securely fit your intimates in, which for the first collection happened to be teenie-tiny letterbox size!

For more information on our Europe-based packaging supplier, Packhelp, click here.

Inside, your intimates are carefully wrapped in recyclable tissue paper and finally, sealed with a paper sticker.





Airbrush Fast Fashion: The clothes you love, without the nasty bits. 

Fast fashion is colourful & fun, inclusive and affordable. We strive for this, all whilst putting the planet first, providing fair treatment to garment workers and celebrating women with zero retouching. 



Keep the planet at the forefront of every decision we make.

From sourcing fabrics, to local production and eco-friendly packaging.

We put the planet over profit.  

Ensure healthy and fair working conditions: Keep suppliers as local as possible, and ensure production remains within the United Kingdom, so we can physically see who makes our clothes, and make sure they're happy, safe and fairly paid.

Promote Inclusivity and Diversity in everything we do, from marketing to products.

Despite the name, we never airbrush our models body or skin.

Continually improve the quality of our services: Be mindful and adaptable to the fact that the best sustainable fabrics and practices are constantly evolving. 

Communicate in an open, and honest way to ensure our supporters and customers understand who made their clothes.