5 things you should know about sustainable fashion

As we all become increasingly aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes, "sustainable fashion" is a term you may hear more often (or too often in some cases!)

How can that be? How could anyone be using the term sustainable fashion too often? Sadly, greenwashing is all too common, with many brands claiming to be eco-friendly or sustainable simply to maximise their profits and increase brand awareness. In reality, they care very little about the environment, or those creating our clothes. 

Considering the urgency of the climate crisis we’re facing right now, we need to break through from all the greenwashing noise and look for ways to ensure our wardrobes are as sustainable as possible moving forward.


Here’s what you need to know: 

1. Buy less, but better

100 billion garments are being produced each year, and we simply do not need them. To take action on this, when you're next holding up that cute shirt, ask yourself "What do you really need?" and "Will you wear it at least 30 times?”

2. Look out for harmful chemicals

Chemicals can be lurking inside our clothes, polluting local waterways and posing a serious risk to garment workers. Look out for Oeko-Tex certified or Bluesign certifications, which focus on chemical usage requirements during the manufacturing process.

3. Give your clothes a second life

Not feeling cute in it anymore? That's OK. Just be conscious about how you dispose of your clothing to prevent them ending up in landfill. Re-selling or organising a clothes swap is a great way to achieve this. 

4. Take care of your clothes

One easy way is to not over-wash them (which will in turn lower your CO2 emissions and water consumption as well!) Another option it to mend them in the case of rips or tears. Side note: Sewing can also be extremely therapeutic and fulfilling.

5. Support brands who care

This doesn't necessarily mean you have to purchase their clothes, not all of them will be to your taste or budget. Simply sharing their brand online or with friends and family can have a HUGE impact on their ability to have a positive impact.