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5 things you should know about sustainable fashion

As we all become increasingly aware of the serious environmental impact of our clothes, "sustainable fashion" is a term you may hear more often (or too often in some cases!) How can that be? How could anyone be using the term sustainable fashion too often? Sadly, greenwashing is all too common, with many brands claiming to be eco-friendly or sustainable simply to maximise their profits and increase brand awareness. In reality, they care very little about the environment, or those creating our clothes.  Considering the urgency of the climate crisis we’re facing right now, we need to break through from all the greenwashing noise and look for ways to ensure our wardrobes are as sustainable as possible moving forward.   Here’s what you need to know:  1. Buy...

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Does Ethical Fashion Have a Photoshop Problem?

Feature from ECO WARRIER, by SASCHA CAMILLI One of the main goals of the growing ethical fashion movement has been to make ethical fashion look like ‘regular’ fashion. Desperate to wash off an “earthy” label, sustainable fashion brands are aware of the fact that they are already sticking out – and when it comes to certain aspects of their brand image, they do their best to blend in. The conversation around the way models look, and what that does to consumers’ self-esteem, has stretched from body image to ethnicity, but there is one aspect where ethical fashion often actually looks just like any other fashion, and not in a good way: photo editing. In many cases, ethical brands’ imagery will mimic...

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