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charity partnership

Here at Airbrushed, we think that partnerships should go beyond fundraising. It is not just about financial support, but also making a social difference. We all know how much awareness matters, and raising the profile and awareness of charities can gain them new supporters and help their cause long term.

Thats why we will always tailer our charity partnerships to the collections being released.

10% of profits to end modern slavery

an issue that is closer than you think. Within the uk alone, The number of people identified as victims of modern slavery has been rising year on year, with over



currently expected to be working for as little as £3 an hour against their will, in conditions that can only be described as modern slavery in leicester alone. 

more specifically, to

Anti-Slavery International

...Founded in 1839, it is the world's oldest international human rights organisation, and works exclusively against slavery and related abuses. They adapt their response to the local context in all the countries they work in. In Niger, it’s building schools and projects for communities that escaped their traditional masters, in Mauritania it’s providing education and microloans to women rebuilding their lives in freedom, or in Senegal, it’s working with whole communities to protect children from local schools from being forced to beg. Join the movement to end modern slavery. 


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