The environment became my world during University, where I specialised in sustainability within society. After which, my path took a turn and I started modelling full-time, with which I was immersed into the fashion industry.

Fashion is so important - it enables self-expression, promotes diversity, enhances confidence, reflects religion, keeps history alive and is just super cute! 


However, to my dismay, this world also exposed me to the harsh reality that is fast fashion. 

Do you ever feel like you've got a closet full of clothes but nothing to wear? That's on purpose. Fast fashion brands release out new styles weekly, as a strategy designed to make customers feel like the clothes they just bought are already off-trend. This comes at a price with the clothing industry causing one trash truck's worth of textiles to be burnt or sent to landfill every second. 


This industry isn't going away, so the real question is how do we make it sustainable?

Ok, so I am an absolute sucker for cute clothing. I've always loved bright colours and the mind-blowing soft fabrics fast fashion often has to offer. However, I've felt sadness when working around or wearing these types of garments. Not only are they harming the environment, but also those manufacturing them. I won't bombard you with the statistics, but if you are interested to learn more there are a vast number of podcasts and books out their to help.

This brings me to why Airbrushed was founded - to 'Airbrush' the bad bits out of the fast fashion industry, and show how sustainable manufacturing can produce designs that are even more appealing, and just as affordable as those offered by fast fashion brands. 


If you'd like to know more about the brand, please check out the other information pages, or feel free to contact us directly.

Lots of love,

Mia xo


Put your hands up if you are a business owner guilty of hiding behind your work (me!).

So this is me, Mia, the person behind Airbrushed. 

In a day, I spend most of my waking hours running my little business, and if i'm not at the manufacturers  fulfilling orders, I'm sourcing new fabric, listening to sustainability podcasts and getting to know my customers on Instagram. Then over dinner i'm boring my family half to death with what i've learnt during the day; you could say I was a tad obsessed.

your full name (just to give an author to the q&a and a human feel behind the brand)


Mia Lewin

- what inspired you to set up airbrushed intimates (a little bit of your background and context always helps set the scene in a good way)


The environment became my world during University, where I specialised in sustainability within society. After which, my path actually took a turn and I became a full-time model, with which I was immersed into the fashion industry - an industry that I have always adored; as it promotes diversity, enables self-expression, enhances confidence, reflects religion and keeps history alive.

To my dismay, this world also exposed me to the harsh reality that is fast fashion - the sheer number of garments that are purchased and discarded for the industry is devastating. Each person buys an estimated 26.7kg of clothing every year in the UK alone, often fuelled by fast fashion brands releasing new styles weekly as a strategy designed to make people feel as though the clothes they just bought are already off trend.


Nonetheless, I have to admit that I am an absolute sucker for cute clothing. Which brings me to why I chose to start a sustainable brand - to 'Airbrush' the bad bits out of the fast fashion industry and show how sustainable manufacturing can produce designs that are even more appealing, and just as affordable as those offered by fast fashion brands.


- what is your brand ethos?


To airbrush the fast fashion industry; fusing its colours, comfort, familiar prices and inclusivity, with the planet friendly resources and practices available.

Airbrushed Intimates™ exists to show how fast-fashion can be done slowly, ethically and sustainably.


- tell me more about your partnership with the big ocean cleanup


Here at Airbrushed, we think that partnerships should go beyond fundraising. It is not just about financial support, but also making a social difference. We all know how much awareness matters, and raising the profile and awareness of charities can gain them new supporters and help their cause long term. Thats why we will always tailer our charity partnerships to the collections being released.

Given that our debut collection was made from upcycled ocean waste, we decided to partner with one of the worlds leading ocean clean up non-profits.

For every new follower, the Big Blue Ocean Cleanup remove 1kg of plastic from the sea, and thus for every person who shares a photograph of their bralette set on Instagram, Airbrushed will donate £1 to help them directly and raise awareness of the issue.




- what is ecofriendly about the brand (share as much detail as you like!) would be good to also get an insight into manufacturing of the clothes (ethical working standards etc, so not only focusing in the materials)


All of the pieces are, and will always be made with sustainable fabrics, with the debut collection being made with Econyl, a recycled fiber made from upcycled ocean waste, that can be recycled, recreated and remoulded again and again.

Although fabrics are of course relevant in a company’s sustainable efforts, their importance is often exaggerated. Reducing the environmental impacts of products is far more than fabrics, it's a culture, and one that Airbrushed Intimates™ is founded on.

We are dedicated towards all things environmental; including research into how the sustainable fashion industry is changing (because it constantly is!), design and production of current and new products (which we will forever keep within the UK for quality and to reduce our travel footprint) and packaging (which is, and always will be plastic free).

Manufacturing is key to sustainability, as having production far away can make it almost impossible to ensure practices are ethical and safe. All of our production is in London, and more specifically at ApparelTasker, whose eco policies are in line with the international standard ISO14001:2015, to ensure that environmental impacts are being measured and improved. Essentially, they are the gold standard of ethical production.



- what has the response been like so far?


Overwhelming, I remember saying at the start that even If we support one person’s views to make a sustainable change in the wardrobe we’ve succeeded, and having launched a month ago, we have almost sold out of our debut collection! We couldn’t be more thankful to all of our supporters – it has meant the absolute world, and we really hope the rest of the stock goes to lovely new homes so we can go ahead with the next collection (as we will only release new pieces once current stock is almost gone to ensure there is no chance of any waste at all).

- what advice to you offer people when the underwear comes to the end of it’s lifecycle?

Send it back to us! In the UK alone, consumers send a nausea-inducing 350,000 tones of clothes to landfill every year, our fashion waste problem is an epidemic that we should not ignore. Simply let us know, pop them into the post (we'll pay for this!) and we will upcycle, donate or recycle it for you to ensure that none of our products ever end up in landfill.  

Our first point of action is to try and rejuvenate the product, or its trims and fabric and then upcycle it for donation so that it can be enjoyed again! If this is not possible for any reason, we will recycle it with local recycle centres.



- anything else you would want to share!


Just want to say that anyone who is making the switch from fast fashion to sustainable fashion shouldn’t be hard on themselves. I have heard many people say that they feel it’s too late to make a difference and that the damage is already done,